Albert's Candy

Albert’s Candy has got the goods when it comes to an amazing, fun, colorful and creative candy that is not just delicious but playful.  Albert’s Candy treats are out of the ordinary and it will make a difference on any special event or  party.

Why Albert’s Candy?

Bring alone our colorful confectionary creations that includes candy, chocolates, toys and gums made with quality ingredients and beautiful designs.

With a range of Lollipops, Novelty Toys, Fruits Chews, Candy Straws, Frunas, Ice Cubes Chocolates and Belgian Chocolate Roses, Bubble Gum bags, Twisty Pops Toys, novelties and bulk choices are available.

Albert’s Candy is as unique as fun. Adults, kids and the whole family will enjoy it. Perfect for a birthday with all the flavor combinations. Seasonal items are available with a pre-order.

Don’t forget to check the  section with time to plan the next season. Albert’s Candy will meet all your expectations.

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